max ranchi
Max Ranchi, born in Trieste, Italy, and trained at Blake College, London, has specialized in yacht racing photography since 1995. For over 20 years Max has delighted his varied clientele which includes top yachting manufacturers, race organizers, press offices, sponsor and sailing teams.
Max’s other interests span from climbing, mountain biking to snowboarding and mountaineering.

silvia d'agaro
Silvia D’Agaro, born and raised in Milano, her career started in he Business Travel, were she worked for 20 years.
Recently she worked with Nestlé, Rizzoli, Ansaldo, just to name a few, in charge of Events Organisation e Travel Management.
Her latest task saw her involved with Pirelli s.p.a., as organizer of the sports event and team, like Formula 1, Moto GP and F.C. Internazionale.
Since 2016 she joined Max Ranchi Yacht Racing Photography as an Account Manager.